Looking for ideas
for your campaign?.

We will provide a creative idea for your campaign for HCP and recommend the best communication channels.

For Doctors

If you want doctors to know your product and recommend it to their patients.

For Pharmacists

If you would like to educate pharmacists who serve patients, and take care of active recommendations to the patient.

For Pharmacies

If you need to work on distribution and sales.

For Patients

If your brand needs it.

Easy steps to check weather we could run an unique campaign together.

Support areas.

Doctor online

We specialise in digital marketing that takes account of the specificity of doctors' and pharmacists' behaviour in this area.

Strategies for OTC

Do you want to promote an OTC product among doctors and pharmacists? Use proven strategies from the Rx market!

Pharma Storytelling

You'd like to add emotions to your campaign and tell the story of your brand differently from everyone else. Get to know our experience and let's do it together!

Doctor database

Do you need to reach lots of HCPs? Use the best database of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and physiotherapists; over 150,000 entries.


If you want to reach a precisely targeted group of doctors with potential for your product, take advantage of the experience of our tele-representatives!


If you want to provide more information about your product, our representative will arrange an online interview with a doctor.

Digital content for pharma

Are you wondering what engages doctors and pharmacists? We are more than happy to share our experiences!

Training for pharmacists

Do you want to arrange a training that will be truly beneficial and will involve large groups of pharmacists? You've come to the right place!

Training for doctors

Would you like to get to doctors with an engaging and substantive message? We will gladly present suggestions for your brand.

Unpromoted brands

Are you looking for extra income? We will keenly check if any additional profits can be squeezed from your unpromoted brands.

Shoot your product with us

Do you want to make a video that will really engage doctors and pharmacists?


Complex issues presented in a dynamic and clear way? Take advantage of our experience in creating animations and whiteboard presentations.

Listen to how we do it.

We invite you to join us at the backstage of our campaigns. And there is a lot going on here, because in order to create a good and effective campaign you need a team of professionals, a good action plan and proven tools. Listen to our podcasts and find out how do we do it!


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Hello! My name is Ewa and I manage the omnichannel area in QAH. I have been helping to meet the challenges of the pharma industry for 16 years and I will be happy to share my experience with you.
You do not know how to effectively reach doctors and pharmacists?
Do you need a recommendation for your brand?

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