Listen to how we do it

Welcome to our QAH pharma marketing factory! Maybe you already know us, maybe you haven’t heard of us at all or perhaps you’ve only heard of some „kłahu”, „kuahu” or „qahah” from Lodz and you don’t quite know whether to believe the information you’ve heard. That apparently we have it all – the strategy and creation and the medical team and call center and doctors’ and pharmacists’ database and on top of that even the recording studio and what, we’re located where? Somewhere in this Łódź city? Perhaps you’re only looking for some inspiration to implement your own campaign in the pharmaceutical industry? Regardless of your motivation, we are pleased that you want to get to know our team better and listen to some interesting voices of the QAH team members. Enjoy listening and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Ania Falkowska

Client Service Director

Does a campaign aimed at specialists have to be boring? What can be done with the content if we only have the SmPC to work with?What to talk about in the campaign for HCPs when there's nothing to talk about? Has everything already been done? About an old doctor on TikTok and why is Hamlet still being exhibited? All these topics are neatly combined into an interesting story by Ewa Foksowicz, Director of the Strategy and Business Development at QAH.


Anna Falkowska

Client Service Director w QAH